Saturday, October 24, 2009

Black Powder Recipes

Black Powder (also known as finely ground gunpowder) has multiple uses and is relatively easy to make. It just takes patience and a utilization of your resources. You can use Black Powder to make fuses and decently powerful bombs- both of which I'll teach you how to make.

First, however, I want you to have all of the safety supplies I mentioned earlier. This powder is combustible and it'd be a shame if you accidentally burned your fingers off. The main thing you'll want to have is a respirator because the powder your using is finely ground and easy to inhale. That and in one of the recipes you'll be using Sulfer.

Recipe Number 1:

You will need:
Potassium Nitrate (KNO3)- you can order this online OR go to your local gardening center and buy stump remover.

Powdered Sulfer (S)- You can either order this online or find your local chem and teacher supply store.

Charcoal- you can either buy this or just burn some wood and collect the black charcoal.

Mortar and Pestle- You can find these pretty much anywhere. I got mine at a pantry shop and am considering getting a newer, larger one (seriously, I can fit my head inside) at the Asian Market.

Scale- you can order a decent one online or find one at a teacher's supply shop.

Container for storage

In your mortar and pestle, grind each of your ingredients into a fine powder (Trust me, grinding them beforehand makes your life a hell of a lot easier when you have to grind it later). How much of each ingredient you use is dependent on how much black powder you intend to make. I normally make a lot so that I have plenty on hand. Here are the measurements for a 100g batch:

On a scale weigh out 75g of KNO3, 15g of black charcoal and 10g of S. Mix them all in a mortar and pestle and grind them back into a fine powder- the finer the powder, the faster it will burn.

Recipe Number 2: This is an easier recipe to make on hand because it doesn't contain S.

You will need:
Potassium Nitrate (KNO3)

Sugar (C12H22O11)- this is common table sugar


Distilled Water (H2O)- You can buy gallon bottles of it at the store or you can make your own. I normally make my own and keep gallon jugs of it around.

Mortar and Pestle


Heat source

Skillet- I use a small cast iron one but you can use whatever you want

Container for storage

Again, here are the measurements of a 100g batch:
On your scale weigh 60g KNO3, 20g of Sugar and 20g of black charcoal. Grind each into a fine powder (in one recipe I found online, the person used powdered sugar instead of your standard granulated sugar. I've never used this but the result was just the same. It just sped up the grinding process which is probably very useful). Mix them all together in a mixing bowl or your mortar and pestle and add your distilled water. Once mixed, pour the black soup into your skillet and heat up on LOW. LOW LOW LOW. Make sure you stir to keep it from clumping up too badly or burning. The water will evaporate and you'll have powder again. Grind that back into a fine powder.

Another method is to filter your KNO3, Sugar and charcoal compound using acetone (commonly known as nail polish remover). Get a coffee filter and fold it into the shape of a funnel and place it over a beaker or glass. Spoon out some of your compound into your filer and slowly pour in the acetone. Do this for your entire batch and let the compound air dry for several days. I'd use this if you don't have a temperature controlled heat source.

Have fun blowing shit up.

Keep safe, kids.
The Rogue


  1. u cant really blow things up with this simple mixture. unless.... u use cement to close both gates of the iron pipe where this mixture is in with a fuse somehow. and when the heat can not escape ....